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Writing and Publications
(see also the occasional  articles, stories, reviews and poems that appear on this web site, not all of which are listed below. This is not a complete list of my published writing).

Creative Writing

Published Fiction

The Boy from Left Field (YA novel)  (Dundurn), 2012


Nightshade (mystery novel)  (Dundurn), 2010


Doom Lake Holiday (YA novel), (Dundurn), 2009.


Demon in My View(YA novel),  (Dundurn),  2007.


Viking Terror (YA novel),  (Dundurn), 2006.

Mercury Man (YA novel)  (Dundurn), 2004. (nominated for a Red Maple Award)

Viking Quest (YA novel) , (Beach Holme Publishing) 2001.

The Well of Time (novel). Collins, 1988. (Short-listed for the Bantam-Seal first novel prize) 1986. Paperback edition, Fontana Books, 1989.

Strange Attractors (adult stories). (Beach Holme Publishing), 1992.

Tourists From Algol: Stories of the Unexpected. (Golden Dog Press), Ottawa, 1983. (Several achieved prior publication — or were broadcast — in the following media: Canadian Literary Magazine, Anthos, The Antigonish Review, The Apalachee Quarterly, The George Mason Review, CHEZ-FM)



Time’s Fools (collection of poetry) , (Stone Flower Press), 2010

“Shaman’s Song: For Glenn Gould” in Northern Music: Poems about and inspired by Glenn Gould, edited J.D. Smith (Chicago: John Gordon Burke, 2001)

Home Planet (collection of poetry). (Golden Dog), 1994. (Reviewed in Canadian Literature, 1997).

Individual poems published in the following periodicals, among others: Globe and Mail, Canadian Forum, Fiddlehead, Descant, Quarry, The Far Point, Poetry Northwest, University of Windsor Review, Salt, Nebula, Arc, Tesseracts 2,3,4, Antigonish Review, Star-Line, Four Quarters, Hierophant. Poem “Paolo to Francesca” nominated for Rhysling Award (U.S.A.), 1988.

Theatrical Pieces

“Martin’s Folly” three-act play, completed 1987. Workshopped at the National Arts Centre, Ottawa, summer 1987.

“Knut Hamsun” one-act play. Honourable mention in Ottawa Little Theatre National contest, 1990.


Vilhjalmur Stefansson: Arctic Adventurer, (Dundurn), 2009.

Coming of Age in Arabia, (Penumbra Press), 2005

The MacLean’s Companion to Canadian Arts and Culture, (Raincoast Books) 2000.

Brian W. Aldiss: A Study of his Fiction. (Twayne’s English Author Series). 1999.

Ideas of North: a Guide to Canadian Arts and Culture. (Raincoast Books)1997

The Presumption of Culture. (Raincoast Books) 1996.

Natural Space in Literature. (Golden Dog Press) 1982.

Brave New Universe: Testing the Values of Science in Society. (Tecumseh Press) 1980. Editor and contributor, featuring Gerhard Herzberg, David Suzuki, Edgar Mitchell, Frank Herbert, John Brunner, Darko Suvin, Peter Fitting, etc.

Journalistic Writing (selected from 75+ articles and review articles)

Review of Kurt Vonnegut, Collected Early Stories; Like Talking to God; and Good Morning, Dr. Kevorkian in Ottawa Citizen, June 11, 2000

Review of William Gibson: All Tomorrow’s Parties, Ottawa Citizen, November 14, 1999. 

Review of Robert Wright, Non-Zero: The Logic of Human Destiny and Matt Ridley, Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters, Ottawa Citizen, March 12, 2000.

Review of The Biotech Century by Jeremy Rifkin, Ottawa Citizen, May 17, 1998

“Brilliance Brought Down,” Review of Infinite Potential : The Life and Times of David Bohm by F. David Peat, Ottawa Citizen, August 5, 1997.

Review of The Aryan Christ: The Secret Life of Carl Jung by Richard Noll, Ottawa Citizen, December 21, 1997.

“On the Road to Damascus,” Review of Paul: The Mind of the Apostle by A.N. Wilson. Ottawa Citizen, June 1, 1997.

What are the Vikings Really Up To?” Globe and Mail, August, 1991.

Review of Jerome Dehusses: The Eighth Night of Creation: Life on the Edge of Human History, Ottawa Citizen, 1982.

“RUR and Capek’s Contemporary Relevance,” (critical note), Ottawa Revue, 1978.

Henrik Ibsen and the Necessity of Producing Canadian Drama,” (review article), Ottawa Revue, 1979.

“The Mounties, the Mails and the Muses: Some Advice to the RCMP about Spying on Poets,” Ottawa Revue, 1979.

“Paul Jacobs, the Nuclear Gang and the Unsuspicious Reeves,” Ottawa Revue, 1979, (reprinted in The Birch Bark Alliance).

“Jaws, Claws, Fangs, Talons, Teeth: Why do we like to Scare ourselves to Death with Nature?” (review article), Ottawa Revue, 1978.

“Did the Ancient Celts Settle in North America? Some Notes on the Theories of Barry Fell,” Ottawa Revue, l978.

“The Challenge of Ariadne,” Ottawa Revue, 1976.

“Tarzan and Rima: The Myth and the Message,” Riverside Quarterly, Volume 3, No.4, March, 1969. pp. 256-265.

Selected Reviews and Articles in Refereed Journals

“The Media, Globalization, and the Problem of National Identity”: A Canadian Perspective.” Revista de Humanidades: Tecnologico de Monterrey. No. 12, Spring, 2002, 101-116.

“The Cyclopean City: A Fantasy Image of Decadence,” Extrapolation, Spring, 1994, Vol. 35, No. 1.

“A Preliminary Investigation of Incubation in Short Story Writing.” The Journal of Creative Behaviour 22.4 (Fourth Quarter, 1988) : 279-280. (with T.A. Nosanchuk and J.A. Ogrodnik).

“Speculative Poetry: A New Anthology and Some Reflections on the Genre”. Arc: 14 (Spring, 1985).

“Creativity and the Experience of the Holocaust,” an interview with Irving Layton, Matrix, No.13, Spring-Summer, 1981.

“Freedom and the Life of Poetry,” an interview with Irving Layton, Journal of Canadian Poetry, Volume 2, Number 2, Autumn, 1979.

“Shamans, Tribes and the Sorcerer’s Apprentices: Notes on the Discovery of the Primitive in Modern Poetry,” Arc, Spring, 1979; reprinted, Dalhousie Review, Volume 59, No. 4, Winter, 1979-80. pp. 605-620.

“Tietjens Transformed: A Reading of Parade’s End,” English Literature in Transition 1880-1920, Volume 15, Issue 2, l972. pp. 144-154.

“T.E. Lawrence’s Seven Pillars of Wisdom: Vision as Pattern,” Dalhousie Review, Volume 51, No. 1, Spring, l971. pp. 49-59.

“Green Mansions and the Acceptance of Tragedy,” Wisconsin English Journal, Volume XII, April, 1970. pp. 7-14.

“The Simple Life Limited: A Ford Lampoon on Conrad,” American Notes & Queries, September and October, l969, Volume VIII, No. 1, pp 3-5; 20-22.

“Nature and Convention in A High Wind in Jamaica,” Critique: Studies in Modern Fiction, Volume lX, No. 1, 1966, pp 5-18.

“Ford Madox Ford: A Bibliography of Works and Criticism, by David Dow Harvey,” (English) Notes & Queries, April, 1965, p.280.

“The Desirable Alien: a Source for Ford Madox Ford’s The Good Soldier,” Twentieth Century Literature, Volume II, Number 1, April, l965, pp. 25-29.

“Israel Zangwill by Maurice Wohlgelernter,” (English) Notes & Queries, December, 1968, p. 327.

“Ford Madox Ford: A Study of His Novels, by Richard A. Cassell,” (English) Notes & Queries, October, 1963, p. 317.

Published Technical Reports (selected from 20+)

“A Basic Economic Report on the Eastern Aden Protectorate. Washington, (Department of Commerce, World Trade Information Service). 1958.

“Proposals for the Development of Arts and Culture in the Ottawa-Carleton Region,” September, 1980. (Rationale and guidelines for cultural development in the capital region, this report led to the creation of Ottawa Arts Court).

Annual Report, the National Arts Centre, 1981-82.

“The Arts Faculty and the Manipulated Environment,”, speech, reprinted as “A Case for the Liberal Arts,” CAUT Bulletin, October, 1981. Again reprinted in Athabasca University Magazine, 1982.

“Arts Facilities in Ontario,” an invited paper delivered to the Special Committee on the Future of the Arts and Culture in Ontario, August 3, 1983.

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  2. Terryl Bacon says:

    Hi Tom
    I am researching for an article on Chris markers La Jetté.
    Is it possible to obtain a digitized copy, or indeed any copy, of your 1992 article, “The Cyclopean City: A Fantasy Image of Decadence,”?

    Best wishes

    Terryl Bacon

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