Some Links I value

DUNDURN PUBLISHING AND SOME CREATIVE FRIENDS literature, Canadian writing, fiction and non-fiction of great quality photographs, CBC history, autobiographical fiction

http:/ -film-making and more  by Tim Wilson, historical fiction creative video -fiction, poetry, Buddhism, travel, autobiography and society, philosophy, David Bohm studies photography

NEWS AND CURRENT EVENTS I trust these guys useful, but should be deeper, more polished and more entertaining.– a little too card-carrying left, and PC in its reach, not quite as incisive as one would expect most useful site, but now it costs money!

FOR CLASSICAL MUSIC BUFFS A great site for Sibelius buffs. Leon is a gifted writer and critic. discs of classic performances current favourite review medium for downloads, super customer relations source of CDs-love them! great source of downloads and incisive reviews http://–wonderful remasterings of classics big site  Pretty good, last time I looked -A site for Leopold Stokowski

BOOKS AND OTHER OLD-FASHIONED THINGS use it a great deal old radio source of quotations Classic Movies http:// Val Lewton Peat runs this press in Italy– a good site on a great & controversial writer —writer info quotes. ––reference

A LITTLE FAR OUT and philosophy links of various kinds encounters still happening?’t seen one yet, but I live in hope and insight on science issues

ISSUES AND SOURCES (science, environment, propaganda), factual site on science/society issues ecology journal on the web this for Randal Marlin’s wonderful expose of the coverage of the Lansdowne issue by the Ottawa Citizen.

TRAVEL TIPS —safari travel, great firm found these people very useful —book private accommodation anywhere, but with care.

TECHNOLOGY DELIVERED AND A LOT MORE source of bargain technology What did we ever do without them? great bargains!, they dress me!


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